Thursday, April 7, 2011

Week 10: Survivor: Tribal Live

So here is a draft of my Intro and Task. The wording has already changed serveral times and I'm sure it will change again once I get some feedback. Now that I have the idea I can really see how the task guides my resources and organization. I have started developing orgainzation charts for the students to use while gathering data and designing their own tribe. I also filled in the chart I created as I went through the resources I had already found. This was very helpful. I was able to eliminate some sites because they did not provide relevant information. I also wanted to ensure that the information is distributed throughout multiple sites. I don't want to make it too easy. Finally, I discovered that there was information I could not find and will have to find at least one or two more Websites to add to my resources. I hope to start building my actual WebQuest this week.

Introduction: Have you ever wondered how your life would be different if you were 100 percent dependent on the land, environment, and resources in your area?  Sure it sounds cool, almost like you are competing on the well known show Survivor! Or perhaps you are one of the long ago Native Americans who had to adapt to their environment and survive off the land around them. How did the Native Americans adapt to their environment? What influences cause people to adapt to their environment? You are about to find out!
Task: Congratulations! YOU have been selected to be 1 of 30 cast members to participate in the upcoming Survivor: Tribal Live!  You have been placed in a tribe of five members and will soon be competing against five other tribes in a series of six challenges. Your task is to prepare for the upcoming challenges by collecting information on the Native Americans of California. Specifically, your tribe will want to know as much as possible about the location, villages and shelter, transportation, diet and food, tools, and arts and crafts of the Gabrielinos, Juanenos, and Chumash. While collecting information, your tribe will make choices based on what you believe are the strongest, most adaptable, elements from each of the original tribes. Once you have chosen one item from each of the six elements, you will chose an original tribe name and create a tribal flag to be displayed during the competition.  Together, your tribe will prepare a written bio to be printed in a ceremony program and introduce your tribe to a live audience. Since all competing tribes will have access to the same information, your success will depend on the choices your tribe makes and how you are able to adapt to any given situation. Good luck- may your tribal flag be the last one standing!
Questions & Thoughts:
-I'm not sure if part of my task would still be considered the introduction.
-I am still a little confused how to ensure my intro and task show that high levels of critical thinking will be taking place. I beleive it will but will have to compare with the rubric.
-I plan on reseraching and comparing some of the WebQuest on the Google doc that scored high.

Currently, I am thinking that all five group members will go through the WebQuest and complete the research together. Everyone will be responsible for ALL the information but researching jobs will be assigned as the following: Task manager, Navigator, Reader, Note taker. (I still need 1 more job if they are teams of 5. Maybe two notetakers or a Communication expert who asks the questions and gets approval, ect.?) I would like the challenges to be imbedded in the research but played out as a culminating activity once the Webquest is complete. I still have to figure this part out!

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  1. Ingrid - your "congratulations'.... should be part of the intro. Have a look at
    Your task section should be briefer. A lot of what you have in there actually belongs in the process section.