Friday, April 15, 2011

Week 11

Well, I think I am getting closer to my final WQ draft. After, some feedback I have recreated my introducation and task. I think I am on the right track.

Introduction: Have you ever wondered how your life would be different if you lived with a Native American tribe and had to be totally dependent on the land, environment, and resources in your area? Well, here is your chance to find out! As a California Distinguished School our students have been invited to share our talent and audition for an upcoming competition-Survivor: Tribal Live! If your team is selected to represent our school, you will have the opportunity to compete in a series of challenges, against other Distinguished School teams across the state, for a chance to win a $10,000 for our school. 
Task: Along with your team members, your task is to spend some time living in the past among the Gabrielino, Juaneno, and Chumash tribes in order to become familiar with their way of life and learn how to adapt to the environment around you. Once you have acquired as much information as you can, your team will return to the present day and create an original tribe that you believe will be the most qualified to represent our school. Your new tribe will then complete a written application which will be submitted to the Survivor: Tribal Live Casting Director, along with a two to three minute video introduction of your tribe, and the designs for a tribal seal, which represents your tribe and can be used if your tribe is chosen for the competition.
Step 1-You will be placed on a team with four other classmates and assigned a specific area to study while living with each tribe. The areas include: Village Life and Shelter, Food and Clothing, Tools and Transportation, Arts and Crafts, and Religion and Celebrations. Your team will be given a folder containing a copy of the Performance Task, a Rubric, and an Organizational Chart. Your job is to read the performance task and rubric together. Next, the class will discuss the rubric and expectations and each team will be given an opportunity to ask questions prior to getting started.
Step 2-You are now ready to travel back in time to live among the three tribes and familiarize yourself with their way of life. While visiting the recommended sites, each team member is responsible for completing his/her portion of the Organizational Chart.
Step 3-After all five members have completed their portion you will discuss your findings with your teammates and fill in the remaining areas of the Organizational Chart. At the end of Step 3 each team member should have a completed Organization Chart and a good understanding of how each of the three tribes has adapted to their environment. Once your team feels ready you can return to the present day. No need to be sad, at any time you may chose to revisit any of the three tribes for additional information.
Step 4- Time to get creative! If you want to be casted on Survivor: Tribal Live you will need to get creative and work together to create YOUR tribe. Use the Planning a Tribe Chart to begin to make choices. Your new tribe should incorporate what you believe are the strongest elements from each of the original tribes, however, they also should be adapted to our local environment. (For example, beaver would not be a sustainable diet in Orange County).
At this point, I would also have some online resources for the local environment.
This weekend I hope to complete my process and then I can actually start creating the WQ. I am also going to be teaching my internet lesson.

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  1. Ingrid, I read the intro and the task. I can guarantee you that your students will ask - do we really win $10,000?

    I skimmed the process- I would expand on each of the steps- giving specific directions to each team member.
    You can do this several ways - have a set of directions/process for individuals within the team, color code the different roles,...
    I recommend you have a look at some different WQs that scored highly in our class evaluation and see how they delineated the process for individual team members.

    You are definitely on track!