Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week Nine

I am sticking with my first idea for my WebQuest: Native Americans of Orange County. I really want to get my task figured out this week. I know I want groups to collaborate while researching tribes: Serrano, Gabrielenos, Juanenos, and/or Chumash. I’m not sure if I want to limit the research to three tribes or have four tribes and allow students to choose which three they research. (I'm also waiting for some feedback from a few 3rd grade teachers.)

The task:
I do not have this figured out just yet. However, two ideas have come to mind.

Idea #1) After researching, students will have to create a new tribe combining different elements from each of the original tribes. Students will create a logo or seal which represents their new tribe and prepare a written report, as well as, make a classroom presentation on their tribe. I’m not sure what my hook or reason that these tribes have to come together, possibly a common enemy, natural disaster, or dwindling population or space.

Idea #2) After researching, students will have to create a time capsule used to communicate between the past and the present. Groups will decide on four modern day objects, tools, customs, food, etc. to send to a Native American tribe of choice. The items must be helpful and conceivable for Native Americans. In addition, groups will decide, as Native Americans, which four items should be preserved for the future and why. Students will have to make an actual time capsule that can hold these items, and create replicas of each item. During a presentation, students will present the items received from and sent to Native Americans. They will have to discuss the importance and their justification for choosing it. Again, I’m not sure of my hook yet.

I would LOVE any ideas or comments. Especially on which idea is best and what my story/hook can be. You can start by taking my poll!

Following is a little about my process and some possible resources.
Process: Students will be gathering information on each tribe’s location, shelter, diet, tools, and customs. (Customs will incorporate clothing, religion, and arts or crafts.) Groups will decide how to assign researching responsibilities.

A Virtual Tour of the California Missions

General Information/History on Native Americans in Orange County

Legends Associated with Native Americans  of Orange County-I thought this site could get kids thinking and analyzing information to determine what we know is factual vs. what we believe is factual information.

General Information on the Chumash tribe

Facts & Images of the Chumash Indians

Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe Council

Juanenos Tribe Council

A Variety of images that could be ideas for student to create a Tribe Seal, logo or poster.

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  1. Looking good Ingrid.
    You should do what YOU want and what you feel is best- seeing as you are the one who will be creating the WQ.
    I advise against having students decide how to assign research responsibilities. You should assign roles- based on the different things they are researching. E.g. housing, arts and crafts, resources,... This will keep each student focused and will ensure equal participation (hopefully).
    It is not exactly clear to me how the time capsule will work - are they adding from one tribe? all tribes?
    Just make sure it is higher order thinking.