Monday, March 7, 2011

Web Quest

After reviewing the Course Documents related to the Web Quest assignment I was reminded of the hypermedia assignment many of us did earlier in EDEL515. The  main difference seems to be that I used PowerPoint to create the hypermedia as opposed to the World Wide Web. I'm excited to experiment with a Web Quest and appreciate the fact that the technology courses I have had through the CUSF master program seem to build on each other.

I know I have already mentioned that my EDEL594 final project is to write a curriculum guide on lessons for teachers on integrating technology into Social Studies. This project has been influence by my experience with learning technology provided by EDEL 512, EDEL 515, and currently, EDEL 522. Thank you Prof. Donovan! Therefore, I hope to use the Web Quest that I create as one of my curriculum guide lessons. I am currently writing the guide based on the third grade California Content Standards and Capistrano Unified School District's Social Studies Power Standards and Technology CORE Standards. So, for my Web Quest I plan on integrating standard 3.2, and relating it specifically to Native Americans of Orange County.

I picked the third grade for three reasons. First, I spent the last month subbing in a third grade class and will most likely be back in the class to finish off the school year. (I'm hoping this is not until May!) Second, I love third grade because the kids are excited to learn. I think it is a great year to focus on the proper way to work collaboratively because the kids are a bit more independent. And third, because I have my daughter's third grade work samples (all of which are traditional pencil & paper products) to work with. Since my goal is to provide teachers in my school district with some easy ways to incorporate technology into their instruction I want it it relate as much as possible to what they are currently doing.

I look forward to your feedback and any advice or suggestions you may have.

Ingrid Beaty

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  1. Excellent Ingrid.
    You have a good topic here and as you learn more about what a WQ is and isn't you will see ways to focus your topic.
    When thinking about your WQ, think about how you can have students USE what they learn about Native Americans (of OC or not) in ways that will allow them to show what they know. For example, they might 'start their own tribe' based on their knowledge of what tribes have in common and what we have in our area. They might 'go back in time' and make a movie,... The options are really limitless. As you look at different WQs for the WQ evaluation assignment look at some that have a Native American focus.